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April 12
Competition is fierce in the sports industry. Careers in sports management—whether it’s as an athletic director, account manager, business development lead, financial manager, public relations specialist or personnel management—are highly lucrative and in great demand.1 According to Research and Markets, the global sports market is forecast to reach $599.9 billion by 2025 and $826.0 billion by 2030.2 In North America alone, that figure is expected to be $83.1 billion by 2023.3
April 12
Learn about some of the best sports media jobs and what it takes to excel at each one.
April 06
From sold-out football stadiums, to weeks-long Olympics coverage, to athlete sponsorships with your favorite brand, there’s an immense amount of passion, commitment, and money tied to sports of all kinds. Because of its longevity and universal appeal, it’s no surprise, then, that jobs related to sports and their many facets are incredibly in demand.
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