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KU Online Student Experience

Get to know the many perks of the digital classroom.

The Online Student Experience at KU

KU Connect

Once you enroll in the online master’s in sport management* program at the University of Kansas, you become a valuable and appreciated member of something far greater—the Jayhawk network and community.

As a member of this well-connected and involved community of game-changers, you can focus on your academic studies and professional development knowing you have the support you need to keep your head in the game.

From our seamlessly integrated digital classroom and the KU Connect mobile app to our caring and committed Student Success Coordinators, we strive to streamline your academic experience as much as possible, so you can focus on what matters most—your personal and professional progress in the program.

*This program is a Master of Science in Education (M.S.E.) degree in health, sport management, and exercise science with an emphasis in sport management.

KU Connect

KU Connect: Our Desktop and Mobile App

For students on campus, the resources they need for their course work may be stored across many settings, making organization a key factor in each student’s success. Your textbook may be in the library across campus, the reading from your professor in your home, and the feedback on a graded assignment on a digital interface—but you’re at work with free time on your hands and no way to chase these items down now.

Online students, however, never have to worry about this happening.

As an online student, everything you need is conveniently kept in one easily accessible digital space, so whatever you need is available wherever you may be and whenever you may need it. And that’s just what KU Connect, our program’s desktop learning interface and mobile app, is designed for.

Through KU Connect, you can:

  • Access the digital classroom and course content on the go
  • Complete and submit your coursework
  • Participate in engaging case-study-based discussions with your classmates
  • Receive feedback, grades and announcements from your instructors
  • Track upcoming due dates across multiple courses, keeping your schedule organized
  • Stay aware of important university happenings and events
  • Get in touch with your individual Student Success Coordinator for continued support

For a better sense of the distinct advantages KU Connect brings to you, check out the digital classroom at KU.

The Digital Classroom

The Online Learning Environment and Module System

Module Example

Whether you access KU Connect on your computer or cellphone, each course’s online classroom becomes your go-to space for class participation and the day-to-day activities of your courses.

Through intuitive navigation, robust tools for collaboration and integrated multimedia course materials, the online learning environment at KU was designed specifically to keep our online students engaged in their course work and connected to the greater KU community—all seamlessly from afar and on the go.

In the same effort to streamline your educational experience, we’ve designed our online classroom into modules. These modules thematically build upon one another, helping to split your studies into more easily digestible parts, and are built for each class.

Although each class has its own course work, every class starts with what’s called “Module Zero,” to help you plan your schedule ahead of time and maintain your work/life balance while in school.

Module Zero

Module Zero: Plan Ahead to Maintain a Work/Life Balance

Traditions Module

What proves particularly helpful to our online students is the foresight and planning our module system provides.

Right before your courses are scheduled to begin, Module Zero opens in the online classroom and gives you access to your upcoming class, including important due dates, vital readings and key topics that will be covered throughout the course, so you can introduce yourself to your classmates and prepare for your classes and your work schedule as much as possible before the term begins.

Not only is the online classroom on KU Connect convenient, it’s full of useful ways to stay on top of your studies and maximize your ability to take away key insights, connections and skills—and we haven’t even introduced you to Jayhawkville yet.


Direct Experience in a Virtual Environment

As a defining element of experiential learning in our online master’s in sport management program, Jayhawkville represents a virtual, gamified community that brings your education to life.

Take a tour of Jayhawkville and learn how students can apply what they learn in a fun, unique and risk-free environment.

The Mentorship Program

All the Greats Had a Guiding Hand

As a sporting powerhouse, some of the most competitive and driven individuals in athletics have walked our halls. But this tenacity doesn’t apply only to athletes, as many of our sport management alumni have climbed the ranks of some of the biggest brands in the sports. Our new mentorship program is designed to give you connections and a friendly helping hand nearly anywhere you go.

Our alumni work for organizations such as the San Francisco 49ers, Houston Astros, Nashville Predators, the University of Notre Dame, UCLA and U.S. Soccer, just to name a few, and our goal is to connect you with them early and often. From the beginning of the master’s program, each student will be paired with an alumni mentor who will help review resumes, provide networking tips, make introductions to potential employers, and support and guide the student throughout their time at KU.

The Study Abroad Program

Gain a Global Perspective


As tournaments like the Olympics and the World Cup have shown us, sports bridge cultural gaps and bring the world closer together. And what better way to see how other countries and cultures embrace sports than to go abroad and see for yourself?

Our study abroad opportunity* allows students to travel to different countries and volunteer at premier tournaments and perform roles ranging from player hospitality to sponsor area setup and more. You will help run key aspects of game day setup operations with a local professional sports team and spend time with the general manager and executive staff before the game.

To fully embrace the culture, you’ll spend a few days learning the rules and skills of a local sport (like cricket or rugby) and then get on the field to actually play. Other experiences include touring and learning about the local culture and history, day trips to popular destinations and group dinners in the city.

Financial aid can be used to cover portions of the cost. For more information, or to apply, please visit our global sport management page.

* Program availability and location are subject to change each year.

Important Dates

Application Deadline

April 23
Summer 2021 Term

Next Start

May 10
Summer 2021 Term

Application Deadline

August 6
Fall 2021 Term


Coming Soon

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