A winning career move.
Crowd in the stands at a University of Kansas sporting event
Crowd in the stands at a University of Kansas sporting event
A winning career move.

Master’s in Sport Management Careers

Find out what you can do with a master’s in sport management

KU’s online master’s in sport management* program primes you for a vast array of sport management degree jobs, harnessing your passion for sports and equipping you with the business, marketing, and leadership skills needed in today's dynamic sporting arena.

The Jayhawk’s forward-thinking curriculum and impressive alumni network can unlock numerous master’s in sport management jobs, paving the way for you to land specialized roles in areas including sport event management.

Additionally, the KU Sport Management program stands apart with its unique offerings. These include:

  • Fostering strong connections with alumni
  • An industry expert mentorship program
  • An immersive study away experience


*This program is a Master of Science in Education (M.S.E.) degree in health, sport management, and exercise science with an emphasis in sport management.

A growing industry that’s posting big numbers

employment growth through 20311
new jobs through 20311
job openings each year1
Taylor Ashford
“There’s an abundance of opportunities on the horizon for master’s of sport management grads.”
Taylor A., M.S.E. ‘21

A diverse career field with growing opportunities

The landscape of sport management jobs is as diverse and vibrant as the sports world itself. From professional leagues to collegiate athletics, community sports initiatives to global sports corporations, the field is expansive, thrilling, and rife with opportunity.

Don’t miss your winning moment. Sharpen your sport management skills now.

The global sports market is expected to grow to $623.63 billion in 2027

Where KU Jayhawks have soared

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Ian L., MSE '22
“Right away, you’re talking to somebody who's working for this organization or somebody who’s just trying to break into the industry. All kinds of backgrounds come together here.”
Ian L., M.S.E. ‘22

Sport careers master’s jobs: A wide field for success

Sports aren't just games at KU—they're a thrilling blend of business, media, marketing, and community engagement. By joining the Jayhawk family, you're not only embarking on a fulfilling career in sport management, you're also stepping into a sector that shapes cultures, communities, and economies.

So gear up to leave your mark on the thriving and ever-expanding sports industry. Your new career game starts at KU.

Build a lucrative career with sport management expertise

From the heart of corporate sponsorship negotiations to the intricacies of player management, the sporting industry is a dynamic landscape brimming with opportunities.

Teams and organizations are in a constant search for the right candidate who not only shares their passion for sports but also possesses the adeptness to navigate the sector's complexities.

With an online master's in sport management, you will equip yourself with the specialized skills and profound knowledge that these roles demand—and position yourself as the candidate they are looking for.

Whether it's implementing strategic marketing campaigns, overseeing fitness operations, or spearheading public relations initiatives, you'll be prepared to deliver results that make a difference. What's more, the earning potential for jobs in sport management is considerable.

Average base annual salaries for sport management careers*

  • Marketing Research: $63,9203
  • Marketing Manager: $74,1734
  • Sales Managers: $127,4905
  • Sports Agent: $128,4706
  • Advertising and Marketing: $133,3807

Learn about the industry expertise KU’s online sport management master’s delivers.


*Disclaimer: Salaries listed are not starting salaries and/or additional years of experience are needed to achieve these salaries.

What do you want to be when you level up? Here are some winning options.

Beyond the monetary rewards, with master’s-level sport management skills, you're stepping into a career where every day brings a new challenge, a new victory to chase, making it not just a job, but a fulfilling lifelong pursuit. As the industry evolves, it requires professionals with specialized skills to navigate its intricate landscape.

KU’s online master in sport management program primes you to explore a plethora of roles, from corporate sponsorships to player management, placing you right where the action is—no matter your background.

This degree goes beyond conventional learning, preparing you for a variety of sport management careers. Here is a sampling:8

Hands holding microphones during interview

Director of Athletic Communications or Public Relations Manager

Communications and PR roles have taken center stage in the digital age, requiring a strategic blend of marketing, promotions, and media relations. In these roles, you'll work toward building positive public images for athletes and organizations alike, enhancing their profiles and profitability.

Group of colleagues gathered around table using sticky notes to coordinate an event

Sport Event Coordinator, Ticket Office Supervisor, or Facilities Manager

From coordinating successful sporting events to maintaining sports venues, these roles are critical to the seamless functioning of the sports industry. Whether you're securing venues, managing budgets, or ensuring facilities meet league standards, these roles put you at the heart of the action.

Hands of person holding football in front of a laptop on a desk

Director of Football Operations, Partnerships Coordinator, Corporate Merchandise Coordinator, or Production Operations Manager

These roles are just a slice of the vast spectrum of opportunities that a master's in sport management can offer. They represent the strategic, operational, and leadership dimensions within the sports industry, and offer a substantial scope for professional advancement.

Woman in glasses and blazer in discussion with man using a laptop displaying charts


The growing importance of data analysis in sports is undeniable. Statisticians play a crucial role in strategy development and player performance assessment, making this a captivating career path for those with a knack for numbers.

Get the skills that score big points in the sport industry

Investing in a master's degree brings financial rewards.

Concerning degree holders, according to Indeed.com, “The earnings increase from the bachelor's level to the master's level is approximately 20%.”9 Additionally, Indeed.com also states that “when compared to those without a high school diploma, individuals at the master's level earn greater than 100% more.”9 Therefore, a master's in sport management from KU can help bring a rewarding return on your educational investment.

Are you ready to turn your passion for sports into a thriving career and seize the many opportunities the world of sports offers? It all starts here at KU. Your game-changing career move is just a step away.

Learn about the virtual learning resources that help build the candidates employers want.


Master's degree holders on average command salaries approximately 20% higher than those with only a bachelor's degree

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Brian Gordon
“Our alumni are always willing to help out other Jayhawks.”
Dr. Brian Gordon, KU Online Sport Management Program Director

Where Can Jobs In Sport Management Take You?

Highest-paying areas for sport management professionals10

  • Richmond, CA
  • Bellevue, WA
  • Federal Way, WA
  • Stamford, CT
  • San Francisco, CA

Job titles held by KU Sport Management alumni11

  • ESPN Statistics Analyst
  • Kansas City Chiefs Event Coordinator
  • MLB Network Writer, Producer and Marketer
  • Washington Nationals Regional Representative
Crowd of KU students cheering at a game

What can joining the Jayhawk family do for you?

When you become a Jayhawk, you're not just joining a program, you're becoming part of a vibrant, supportive family with deep connections in the sports industry.

From coaches to MLB writers to analysts, KU alumni are spread across the sport spectrum, holding prestigious, and diverse roles across the field.

Over half of these accomplished professionals embarked on their Jayhawk journey with a determined vision to escalate their careers, and we've been there to foster their ambitions.

The Jayhawk approach to sport management education transcends the acquisition of skills and knowledge, and KU strives to redefine and revolutionize your perspective on sport management. Imagine the propulsion your career can experience by earning a master's degree from an institution that's intimately familiar with the thrill of victory. A university that knows not just how to win titles, but how to cultivate leaders who continue to redefine the game.

KU alumni go the extra mile to ensure that their fellow Jayhawks thrive in this dynamic industry, strengthening the Jayhawk legacy of success in sport management.

By joining the Jayhawk family, you're tapping into an extensive network of professionals committed to helping you score big in your career.



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