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Go the Distance in Sport Management

Master's in Sport Management: Courses and Curriculum

The sport management courses we offer help prepare you for a variety of roles within sport management, player personnel and team management, event management, sport marketing, and beyond. The online master's in sport management* at the University of Kansas brings our unique sports history to the online curriculum, helping our students make connections directly in the area of the sports industry they intend to work in.

As a graduate student in our online program, you are presented with the academic opportunity to:

  • Learn how to apply front-office management techniques and the business theory behind sport
  • Demonstrate the real-world competencies gained during your studies
  • Receive supervised real-world experience in the following athletic setting of your choosing:
    • Professional
    • Intercollegiate
    • High school
    • Nonprofit sector

In as few as two years, students can complete the 36 credits they need to earn their master's degree as they work to complete a portfolio that aligns with the competencies of the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM).

Each course is worth 3 credits unless noted otherwise, and students complete six courses per academic year.

*This program is a Master of Science in Education (M.S.E.) in health, sport management, and exercise science with an emphasis in sport management.

Year 1 Sport Management Courses

HSES 801 – Sport Facilities

The purpose of this course is to study current developments and trends in the financing, programming, design and construction of facilities for intercollegiate athletics and professional sports.

HSES 830 – Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Sport

Current literature concerning the impact of American social values and cultural patterns of sport and physical activity will be studied. Critiques of related research involving sport and social institutions and socio-cultural groups in sport will be emphasized.

HSES 831 – Ethics in the Sport Industry

This course is designed to help students learn to make morally reasoned decisions in various sport settings. This course will help prepare students to respond more responsibly when faced with challenging ethical dilemmas and guide them in learning to serve as role models for ethical conduct.

HSES 840 – Organizational Behavior in Sport

This course utilizes a micro-perspective to analyze the behavior and culture within sport organizations. Specifically, the student will study and learn how to apply management and leadership theories that have the potential to shape the work environment and will discuss how current topics in organizational behavior are particularly relevant to the sport industry.

HSES 828 – Sport Finance

A study of the principles and applications of finance and economics in the sport industry. Strategic financial planning as a part of management responsibilities is highlighted.

HSES 842 – Sport Marketing

This course helps students gain a deeper understanding of sport marketing by examining in depth the sport marketing mix of product, price, place and promotion as well as marketing research, marketing strategy, market segmentation, branding, sponsorships, licensing, venue and event marketing, public relations and global sport marketing.

Year 2 Sport Management Courses

EPSY 715 – Understanding Research in Education

This course introduces the concepts and skills involved in understanding and analyzing research in education and related areas. The course provides an overview of basic, general knowledge of various research methodologies. Students should expect to study much of this material in greater depth through additional work before being fully prepared to conduct independent research. However, this course should enhance their ability to locate, read, comprehend and critically analyze research articles and reports. Topics in the course include quantitative and qualitative methods and designs, historical and descriptive research, and program evaluation.

HSES 884 – Legal Aspects of Sport

This course is intended to introduce graduate students to the basic concepts of the American legal system and the application of them to intercollegiate and professional sports. Particular emphasis will be given to risk management and preventive law. Other topics include: governance issues in intercollegiate and professional sports, contract law, employment discrimination, labor relations and collective bargaining, agency law and athlete agents, regulation of participation in intercollegiate and high school athletics, sport facility and event issues, participant liability issues, product liability issues, premises and spectator liability, participant violence in sports, and intellectual property law.

HSES 885 – Sport Sponsorship

This course will delve deep into the ever-important world of sport sponsorship. Specifically, students will focus on topics such as identifying sponsor fit, measuring sponsorship effectiveness, and identifying trends in sport and corporate sponsorship, activation and partnerships.

HSES 886 – Sport Fundraising

This course is intended to give students a close look at the sport fundraising space. Topics in this course include transformational versus transactional fundraising, the emerging importance of outside funding to intercollegiate athletics and the trends for this ever-developing area.

HSES 897 – Independent Study

Prerequisite: Consent of advisor and instructor. This course must be taken in year two and can be taken alongside another course or by itself.

Note: If the student studies abroad, they will enroll in a special HSES 897 course in the semester in which they are abroad. (The study abroad experience can be taken in any semester).

Internship Requirement

HSES 880 – Internship in Sport Management

This course will provide for supervised and directed experiences in selected sport management settings. The instructor will supervise the internship, as well as conduct a conference call with the student and supervisor. Written summaries and evaluations of the internship will be prepared by the student, the agency supervisor and the university graduate faculty member.

This course can be taken in any semester, by itself or alongside another course in the program.

Please note: The course list and sequence are subject to change. If you have any questions about the courses offered, please contact an Admissions Advisor at 855-639-7799.

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August 6
Fall 2021 Term

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August 23
Fall 2021 Term


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