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By clicking "GET BROCHURE,” I agree to provide the contact information listed above for the purpose of receiving communications regarding educational programs and opportunities.

The Support Our Students Need

From tech support to student services, we provide the help you need.

KU Student Support Services

From the Admissions Advisor who helps you submit your application to the Student Success Coordinators and 24/7 tech support you’ll receive once in the program, we are determined to make earning your master’s in sport management* as easy (and stress-free!) as possible for our online Jayhawks.

With a variety of support services available, our students can confidently commit to their graduate studies without fretting over potential unforeseen or unaddressed concerns. We have the athletic history to connect you across the sport industry and the support tools to make joining us seamless.

Only one question remains—what’s holding you back?

*This program is a Master of Science in Education (M.S.E.) degree in health, sport management, and exercise science with an emphasis in sport management.

Student Success Coordinator

Get to Know Your Student Success Coordinator

Before your first day of class, we assign each student an individual Student Success Coordinator, who, in turn, will develop your personalized plan for academic success, guide you through the enrollment process, run your online orientation, and address any questions or concerns you may have during the program.

And if your Student Success Coordinator doesn’t have an answer immediately available for you, they will research the matter until they are able to direct you to the most helpful resource or department, so you don’t have to spend your time searching for answers.

From the moment you enroll to the moment you stride across the stage at graduation, your Student Success Coordinator remains your go-to contact for support. Your Student Success Coordinator is always looking out for your future, ensuring everything is in order for you to complete your studies at your intended graduation date.

Online Orientation

The Online Student Success Orientation

Regardless of your previous experience with online courses, you may harbor some reservations about your ability to succeed in the program as an online student—that’s why your Student Success Coordinator hosts an online orientation for new students before the start of your classes!

From navigating KU Connect, the online learning interface, and receiving your grades to submitting your assignments and collaborating with classmates, your Student Success Coordinator is eager to show you how to get started and address any questions or concerns you may have once you’ve enrolled in the online master’s in sport management program at KU.

Tech Support

Always Available: KU Tech Support

As an online student, your strongest ally and your biggest risk are one and the same—technological capability. During your undergraduate career, you may have experienced some sort of tech disaster, from computer crashes and lost drafts to printer problems and never-delivered emails.

As an online student at KU, you can breathe a sigh of relief—not only will you never have to print out another paper to turn in, you gain immediate access to our tech support team of qualified experts.

Available 24/7 for assistance with KU Connect, opening course content via mobile devices, and more, the online KU Technical Support Team is always accessible and eager to troubleshoot your tech problems online.

You can simply reach out to our team at:

KU Technical Support is available 24 hours.

A Powerful Network

Get to Know the Big-Name Players in the Field

Although the courses you take will be online, the connections you make won’t be. As you network during the program, you’ll discover your new connections are spread across quite diverse careers, teams and states, which ultimately helps you gain new opportunities and pursue your ideal future position, wherever that may be down the road.

From the program director and course instructors to the athletic experts that have helped establish the Jayhawk dynasty, you’ll be introduced to the impact and influence of numerous industry professionals, while engaging our network of Jayhawk alumni and interacting with your classmates who can later become the future game-changers of the sport industry.

Develop your ability to build connections in a widely recognized university for athletics that actively encourages networking within the industry. Become a Jayhawk today!

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