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KU Study Away Outdoor Group Shot
KU Study Away Outdoor Group Shot
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Immerse yourself in the global sporting world while you earn your master’s of sport management.* Our Study Away opportunities** allow students to travel, volunteer at premier tournaments, and perform roles ranging from player hospitality to sponsor area setup, and more. In our learning abroad programs, you will help run key aspects of game day setup operations with a local professional sports team and spend time with the general manager and executive staff before the game.

*This program is a Master of Science in Education (M.S.E.) degree in health, sport management, and exercise science with an emphasis in sport management.
**Program availability, dates, and location are subject to change each year.

Only at KU: A global “Study Away” sport management experience

Meet Dr. Jordan Bass, Chair of KU’s Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences Department, and Taylor Ashford, M.S.E. '22, and CSR expert for the Atlanta Hawks, as they cover the impact and benefits of KU's Study Away Experience.

This experience gives KU online sport management master’s students a crucial opportunity to immerse themselves in a diverse sports environment and enhance their skills as they gain real-world exposure in a global setting. Watch to learn more.


0:00:09.2 Jordan Bass:
My name's Jordan Bass. I'm the Department Chair of Health Support and Exercise Sciences at the University of Kansas.

0:00:13.9 Taylor Ashford:
My name is Taylor Ashford. I am a member of the Atlanta Hawks Organization. I work as the coordinator in the corporate social responsibility department, recently graduated with my master's at the University of Kansas in sports management. Go Jayhawks.

0:00:27.0 Jordan Bass:
We've been studying abroad or studying away now for four years with our undergraduate and graduate programs here at KU and sport management, and our real goal is to try and get our students experience, experience they can put on a resume, experience they could write about when they apply for a job and all these different settings.

0:00:45.1 Taylor Ashford:
On a personal level, it definitely instilled a lot more confident to me. I was already, I had recently started with the Hawks a few months before the study away, so I was still fairly new to the industry. I was still kinda building my network, building that confidence. So I would say that experience for me personally, just kinda, it helped refresh me, kinda take a little bit of pressure off of me, really help me get my mind right, focusing on next steps and just what I wanted to do. But definitely just kinda put that confidence in me that like, okay, you can do this. You can do this in the PGA, you can do this in the NBA, you can do this at NCAA, so, many levels.

0:01:25.5 Jordan Bass:
For the study away program, we most recently did, we went to Hawaii and worked seven days at a PGA Tour golf tournament, and then also learned about different sporting cultures in those areas. And so it's really two-fold, one, like I talked about, to give them experience but two, also to really immerse them in the culture.

0:01:42.9 Jordan Bass:
So when we've gone to New Zealand in the past, they've learned how to play rugby and cricket, and what the youth sport culture looks like in different communities, in different areas. I guess for many of our students, they've only been exposed to the American sporting system, and it's very unique and largely different than the rest of the world, and so getting them exposure to all those different areas and all the different areas of sport that exists across the world and across even the states is usually our main goal or objective or what we go into these programs trying to build upon.

0:02:12.5 Taylor Ashford:
During the program, you work with people in your class on different projects, usually on Zoom though, so coming together, being able to meet some of my classmates, being able to meet different people in the program that I may not have had class with yet, it was amazing. 'Cause yeah, we did feel like a real sense of community, me and talking, me being a master's student, but also being able to work with like the underclass men, being able to like, I was already working in sports at the time. So like, them asking me for pointers and just picking my brain, me kind of picking their brain and some of the other master's students, just kind of, us all forming that bond that we still shoot texts. I still kinda hit them up on LinkedIn and ask them if I see somebody doing something great, I'm always down to come in, post, share, so it kinda brought it all. It was a great tie in for me 'cause they brought it all together, it really made me feel like I was really... I always felt like I was KU family, KU has done amazing things for me. But I really got to bond with a family in person, which was great and I appreciate that, for sure.

0:03:16.6 Jordan Bass:
For me, just the opportunity to be able to get a group of students from our online program together and get to meet them face-to-face and see them interact and get to learn about their dreams and what they wanna do, super impactful. But also to be able to see their drive and personalities out there in the workplace makes it a lot easier now, and I get reference calls for people that say, "Yeah, I've seen this person working this many hours and doing this amount of creative work for these groups," and so it's really helped me too, I think, to be able to speak to our students, advocate for them, have conversations with them about what they're good at and what they wanna do, and really trying to help them as they develop their careers and their career paths. It's allowed me in a lot of ways, to see their skills up close and also try to be able to be a good mentor to them and see what they're doing, both in the classroom, but now also out in the actual field.

0:04:10.1 Taylor Ashford:
If you got the time, you got the resources that you can make it work, definitely try. I would give it a chance. It's an incredible program and they have it set up for you. You staying somewhere nice, you're gonna have a great cultural experience, but you're also gonna learn a lot, and you're really gonna make some career moves and opportunities to get some experiences that are gonna change your life and your career for sure.

Study sport management across the globe

Each study away trip is carefully planned by sport management faculty members and the Study Abroad and Global Engagement office. While destinations and activities may change by the year, KU sport management students can expect to meet with executives from professional sports teams and engage in course-related discussions and debriefings, learning first-hand about different approaches to sport management. Previous trips include:

Paris skyline

Dublin, London, and Paris

Students worked with Arsenal Football Club in London on developing an American fanbase and with Dublin City University on their university sporting system. The group also toured Wimbledon, Aviva Stadium, Stade de France, and learned how to play handball, hurling, and Gaelic football.

bridge in front of a cityscape with a purple sunset

New Zealand

On trips to Auckland, New Zealand students have had the opportunity to work at New Zealand Breakers basketball games and the country’s premier tennis tournament, the ASB Classic. Students explored and practiced the sport of cricket through a visit to the Grafton Cricket Club, took part in an America's Cup sailing experience, and visited the Ponsonby Rugby club to be introduced to the game and learn about sport safety.

KU Study Away Hawaii Group Shot on a Boat


The centerpiece of this trip was a partnership with the PGA Tour to assist in all aspects of golf’s prestigious Tournament of Champions at the Plantation Course at Kapalua. Students also spent time learning about the unique Hawaiian sporting culture and spent time on the islands of Maui and Oahu.

Contact an admissions outreach advisor at 855-639-7799 to talk about incorporating study away into your plans to earn your master’s degree.

Brittany C  Student Away participant
”You start to understand the inner workings of the sports industry. You get experiences that you can utilize on your resume and in interviews, as well.”
Brittany C., ‘20 MSE Sport Management, Study Away participant
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KU sport management Study Away FAQs

Can I study abroad as an online sport management student?

Yes. Although the advantage to an online program is flexibility to fit your schedule, the growth opportunities presented by our study away options are an invaluable addition for any student. We’re delighted to provide you with the chance to meet other students in your program, practice your skills, and make connections to prepare for your sport management career.

Will I earn credit for my study abroad experience?

Yes. The course associated with the trip will earn you 3 credit hours and can replace HSES 897 Independent Study or HSES 880 Internship in Sport Management. Exceptions may be made to replace other courses for students who have already completed 897 and 880.

Can I use financial aid or scholarships to help pay for my study away trip?

Yes, financial aid may be used to cover portions of the cost and there are study abroad scholarships available. KU strives to develop affordable, high-quality programs so that all students can afford to study abroad. Visit the Study Abroad and Global Engagement website for more information on how to finance your Study Away experience.

What precautions are in place to keep me safe on my Study Away trip?

All undergraduate or graduate students traveling internationally with KU affiliation (including any KU financial support, departmental sponsorship, etc.) must register their international travel through the Student International Travel Registry housed within Study Abroad & Global Engagement. Registration of travel ensures students have the resources necessary to be proactive in planning for their health and safety while abroad and enables the university to provide timely communication with and support to travelers in the event of an emergency during their international activities.

For more information on health and safety measures including COVID-19 protocol, visit the Study Abroad and Global Engagement website.
Jaci H Student Away participant
[The Study Away trip] was really great preparation for a career in sport and a great bonding experience with your classmates.
Jaci H., ‘23 MSE Sport Management, Study Away participant, Kansas City Chiefs
flag poles with many countries flags

Why should you study abroad?

Of course, one of the most common reasons to study abroad is for the opportunity to travel to another country and see the world. But did you know that studies have shown that learning abroad can improve your career skills and boost your marketability?1 University of Kansas study abroad programming provides an invaluable opportunity for students to study in a different educational environment and gain first-hand exposure to other countries, cultures, and societies and their business practices.

two women in a conversation

Enhance your management soft skills

Interacting with people different from you can boost your ability to empathize with others. Collaboration with people with different cultural expectations and backgrounds will give you an idea of how to be a more well-rounded leader. It might also help you to prepare to advocate for and create a more inclusive and diverse workplace. Travel is a great way to move outside of your comfort zone and see what you can accomplish that you never thought would be possible. Plus, it’s a rare student that doesn’t end up with a story of travel plans gone awry and quick-thinking to find a solution—bring that story to your next interview for an example of your adaptability!

KU Study Away Group Shot on a Golf Course.

Build your own global network

Virtual collaboration with peers is easier than ever in KU’s online degree programs, but you may still enjoy meeting your classmates in person. Study abroad programs give you the chance to meet other KU students (and some faculty) face-to-face. Even better, you’ll meet many professionals and potentially other students in the country you visit. Many people forge quick and deep friendships on international learning trips. These individuals could become your closest friends, coworkers, or mentors and connect you to dozens of new academic, travel, and business opportunities.

view of high-rises from the ground

Prepare for work with a global corporation

Traveling around a new city and engaging with individuals from a different culture will improve your understanding and demonstrate your confidence and willingness to be vulnerable. Further, understanding the customs and traditions of other countries can be key to earning the trust of your bosses when you have the opportunity to represent your organization internationally.

Taylor Ashford
The experience to bond with future leaders in your field, gaining that real-world experience and that real-world knowledge of your field while building camaraderie, do it!
Taylor A., ‘21 MSE Sport Management, Study Away participant, Atlanta Hawks

In your career and across the globe, the KU master’s in sport management can take you where you want to go.


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