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12 Jun

Is a Master’s Degree in Sport Management Worth It?


Determining the Value of a Higher Degree

When deciding whether you will attend graduate school, there are numerous questions to consider. The simplest, yet weightiest, among them may be, “Is getting a master’s degree worth it?” If your primary goals include greater earning potential and job security, then statistically, the answer to this particular question is “Yes.” On average, professionals with a master’s degree have a much higher median income along with a markedly lower unemployment rate.1 But what about factors beyond wage and employability? How can you know whether a master’s degree will help you achieve your specific career objectives?

For those interested in advancing their sport management career, you’ll be pleased to discover the many ways a master’s degree can help solidify your standing in the field and potentially improve your ability to meet your career objectives.

5 Reasons to Earn Your Master’s in Sport Management

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